As a responsible corporate citizen, Unitrade maintains its obligations towards meaningful Corporate Social Responsibility (“CSR”) initiatives that holistically serves people, planet and profit, more so given the COVID-19 pandemic.

Unitrade’s continued commitment to support communities as well as invest time, money and value in aiding those most in need not only helps those receiving the Group’s aid, but it also has a positive impact on employee engagement and wellbeing. Employees are always encouraged to participate in our community development initiatives through volunteering.

Volunteerism can help to instil values of generosity, kindness and respect among the workforce, which would hopefully spread across the organisation. Employee volunteers are appropriately recognised through suitable incentives and rewards within the purview of the Group’s policies.

In FY2022, Unitrade organised a fundraising campaign. Up to 31 January 2022, employees donated RM13,868.22 and the Group subsequently doubled the donation amount and contributed RM27,736.44. In conclusion, the total funds raised for this fundraising campaign was RM41,604.66.

Regarding the employees who were victims of the massive floods in December 2021, funds were distributed to each of the 9 victims.