Diversity and Inclusivity

It is imperative that Unitrade maintains a diverse and inclusive workplace, as a workforce of this ilk can draw from a large range of different perspectives, thoughts, skills, experiences and ideas which would be invaluable in cultivating an effective high-performance work culture. An inclusive work environment also positively impacts the larger success and profitability of the Group as an inclusive and harmonious work environment results in higher productivity and retention rates in the workforce.

Unitrade understands that achieving strong diversity and inclusivity in its workforce may take time, however the Group remains determined to inculcate positive, diverse and inclusive trends in the Group that would create a shared commitment towards work excellence. For instance, while the Group currently does not have any disabled employees in its workforce, although it is open to hiring them if the qualified candidates enter its purview.

Ultimately, the goal is to foster unity, peace, safety, health and cooperation among our employees to lead to better work performances, decreased attrition rates as well as enhanced financial and nonfinancial value creation.

Here are various demographical breakdowns of Unitrade’s workforce:


The Board comprises of qualified individuals with various professional experiences, skills and competencies who can come together to strengthen the Group’s leadership and decision-making initiatives. This is partly reflected in our strong commitment to promote gender diversity on the Board.

As of FY2022, 29% of the Group’s Board members are women, and Unitrade is committed for this figure to go above 30% within the next 12 months after the Initial Public Offering (“IPO”), as per Malaysian Code on Corporate Governance’s requirement.