Unitrade’s Whistleblowing Policy directly supports the Group’s Core Values, Code of Ethics and ethical corporate governance standards.

The Policy provides an avenue to encourage and enable employees and others to raise legitimate concerns to be objectively investigated and addressed within the Group prior to seeking resolution outside the Group.

In line with this, the Group has adopted the Policy that outlines the Group’s commitment to ensure that employees and other stakeholders are able to raise genuine concerns in relation to breach of a legal obligation, miscarriage of justice, danger to health, safety and environment as well as policy breaches at the earliest opportunity without being subject to victimisation, harassment or discriminatory treatment, and to have such concerns thoroughly investigated.

The Policy sets out the mechanism and framework by which employees, contractors, consultants and any other individuals or organisation who have dealings with the Group can confidently voice concerns/complaints in a responsible manner without fear of discriminatory treatment.

An individual may make a whistleblowing report through the following communication channels:

  1. Email (to include all of the following recipients)
    Dato’ Abdul Majit Bin Ahmad Khan
    (Independent Non-Executive Chairman)


    Dato’ Lok Bah Bah @ Loh Yeow Boo
    (Senior Independent Non-Executive Director)


    Whistleblowing Committee


  2. Post
    Download Appendix 2 and address to the following persons of in Whistleblowing Committee:

    Dato’ Abdul Majit Bin Ahmad Khan

    Independent Non-Executive Chairman

    Dato’ Lok Bah Bah @ Loh Yeow Boo

    Senior Independent Non-Executive Director

    Mr Naventhran Paul

    Senior Manager, Group Human Resources

    Mr Koh Sui Ming

    Compliance Officer/CFO

    Mailing Address:

    c/o Registered Office
    12th Floor, Menara Symphony, No. 5,
    Jalan Prof. Khoo Kay Kim, Seksyen 13,
    46200 Petaling Jaya, Selangor Darul Ehsan

All whistleblowing reports made will be dealt with in a confidential manner. The whistleblower will be protected from any reprisal within the Group as a direct consequence of the report, provided that the whistleblowing report is made in good faith. The report will then be investigated. Upon conclusion of the investigation, the Head of Whistleblowing Committee (or another assigned investigator) will present the outcome of the investigation to the Board of Directors.

If the Board of Directors is satisfied with the outcome of the investigation, it will communicate to Chairman/Executive Vice Chairman to proceed with action based on established policy and procedures for the necessary disciplinary action to be taken immediately. The Group’s Head of Human Resource is responsible for executing the disciplinary.

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