OSH is vital to ensure Unitrade provides a safe working environment for all of its employees, especially when it pertains to our warehousing and manufacturing activities. With OSH being an especially important facet in our business operations, the Group has an established Safety & Health Committee (“SHC”) in order to ensure that strong OSH controls in Unitrade’s operations are implemented, enforced and monitored accordingly.

OSH currently comes under the oversight of the SHC Advisor, who is the Chief Operating Officer (“COO”). There is currently no involvement from the Board. The SHC comprises 8 members from various subsidiaries and departments. The members are led by the SHC Advisor. Currently the SHC meets once a month, which has been going on since March 2022. The SHC has yet to initiate discussions with worker representatives, although engagement initiatives are in the works to do so.

In terms of OSH risk assessments, the SHC has assessed that the high-risk locations at the Group are the warehouse and factory floors. We also do not have any employees whose work involves a high incidence or high risk of specific diseases. No employee is currently undergoing any health surveillance.

Given that our SHC was only recently set up, the Group aims to implement appropriate OSH targets for the Group to achieve to maintain the integrity and enforcement of OSH excellence at Unitrade.

Moreover, the Group is already working on carrying out various initiatives such as First Aid training, emergency evacuation procedures and more related OSH programmes. For instance, while the Group only began its OSH in FY2022, it managed to organise a First Aid training session in May 2022, hosted St John Ambulance.

OSH Performance

Given that Unitrade only recently started operations in our new work premises, the Group is striving to ensure all basic OSH systems and SOPs are set up first before delving further into monitoring and evaluating OSH performance in a more detailed manner. Moreover, 4 subsidiaries make up the Group, and that Group is now contained in one location. Given this recent development, we have yet to establish OSH targets to measure our performance against previous performances. We aim to rectify this in the next financial year.

Notably, Unitrade plans to engage a third-party internal audit firm and obtain their advice in the next couple of months on how to approach tracking and assessing its OSH performance.

Our OSH data is not verified by a third-party, although this is something the Group may look into in the future. Here are some OSH performance highlights during FY2022:


Lost-Time Injury (“LTI”) rate


Workplace fatalities