Leon Sim Aik Chor

Chief Marketing Officer

Mr Sim Aik Chor was appointed as SLU’s Chief Marketing Officer in January 2019. He is currently responsible for leading and managing the overall sales and marketing as well as procurement activities of SLU.

Mr Sim spent most of the first decade of his professional life honing his skills in sales and procurement in the building materials industry before joining SLU in 1988 as General Manager. At SLU, he was accountable for sales, purchasing and inventory related matters. Mr Sim was later redesignated to Marketing Director in January 2000. Over the course of 19 years, having amassed significant experience and expertise in the field of sales and marketing, he was then appointed as Unitrade’s Chief Marketing Officer in January 2019, a position he presently holds.

Mr Sim is the brother of Sim Keng Chor, Sim Yung Chi and uncle of Nomis Sim Siang Leng and Simson Sim Xian Zhi. He does not have any conflict of interest with the Company. He has not been convicted of any offences within the past five (5) years nor any public sanction or penalty imposed by regulatory bodies during the financial year.